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The strength of Gongoni’s brands has given the company an unparalleled position in Africa across a wide range of product categories. With brands such as Rambo, Septol, Z , Room Fresh and Zappo with which consumers have a close and often longstanding familiarity, Gongoni enables consumers to express their individuality and to respect their traditions whilst still enjoying the quality of world class products.
Our success is mainly the result of the research work of our Chairman, chemical engineer and a leading authority in insecticides. He is notably the father of Rambo Paper, developed thanks to his wise management.

Some of the products developed by our group company WJ BUSH are also very famous throughout Africa and the Middle East such as Bint El Sudan, Sasorabia, Six Flowers, etc.

The tablet soap production has increased in recent years due to innovative formulations and launch of new brands. Septol Medicated soap is one of the widely successful brands from the W.J.Bush stable.

Gongoni has been able to build market leadership for its insecticide brand, Rambo in countries like Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mali, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso etc.

Gongoni is fully committed to environmental issues and its range of products conforms to international standards.

As a leading industrial player and family-run company, we are fully committed to sustainability and our product range complies with international standards. We think and act for the long term with a greater intensity to safeguard the global environmental commons, while ensuring public health security.

Well beyond, driven by our Corporate Social Responsibility, we are also responsible for continuous training and innovation to serve a global community, especially in West Africa and Nigeria.

Companies’ Products and Brands
Both companies have good success in developing brands and have painstakenly nurtured them over the years keeping in mind the principle of providing world class products at an affordable price and with consistent quality.


22 brands
in insecticides & home care segment


20 brands
in personal care & home care

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