Home Care


Mr. Kleen Active Dish Wash

Is formulated to remove the toughest of greases and oily stains, leaving dishes and other kitchen utensils clean and shiny. Enriched with lemon fragrance. Mr Kleen Active Dish Wash also ensures soft hands with a sweet fragrance.

Mr. Kleen Laundry Machine Soap

Is formulated to remove the toughest of greases and oily stains leaving clothes, towels, bed sheets, etc. clean and fresh.

Air Fresheners

RoomFresh Liquid Air Freshener

Roomfresh instantly removes bad odours and pleasantly perfumes the sorroundings, leaving a long lasting pleasant smell. Roomfresh Liquid is available in Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood fragrances in 750ml bottles with trigger sprayers.

RoomFresh Aerosol

Roomfresh Aerosol is available in 300ml cans in Rose, Lavender and Sandalwood fragrance variants.

RoomFresh 250ml Liquid Air Freshener

Paris 2000 Air Freshener

Paris 2000 with its exclusive oriental fragrance, instantly removes bad odours and pleasantly perfumes the surroundings leaving a long lasting pleasant fragrance.

Paris 2000 Liquid Air Freshener

New 250ml Paris 2000 Liquid Air freshener

Marina Air-Fresheners

Comes in a single pack of 60g and available in 4 different fragrances (Strawberry, Rose, Lavender, and Jasmine) for homes, cars, and offices to refresh your environment all day long and also helps to keep insects away with its insect repellant feature.

Stickfresh Air Fresheners

For eradication of bad odours in offices, vehicles, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, shoe closets, etc… Stick Fresh is easy to stick on all surfaces and its unique twist top allows for continuos and controlled air freshness. It comes in 3 variants (Sandalwood, Rose and Lavender)


Supaoil Lubricant

Multipurpose lubricating oil for use on sewing machines, bicycles, guns, typewriters, etc. Supaoil prevents rust, cleans, and polishes.

Household Products


Refills most types of Gas lighters.

GEKA Ultramarine Blue

Geka Ultramarine blue comes in 30 grams plastic packs and 20 grams refill sachets. It is used for brightening of clothing materials, mainly white clothes.

VOOM Scouring Powder

VOOM is one of the most effective scouring powders. It cleans household utensils such as, pots, pans, baths, basins, tiles, toilets bowls, and working surfaces.


Z Germicide Disinfectant

Z Germicide is a strong and broad spectrum germicide which is very effective against bacteria and therefore ideal for disinfecting bathrooms, lavatories, sinks, floors, linen, drains, sewers, cesspools, poultry farms etc.