rambo aerosol

Rambo Aerosol

The most popular insecticide aerosol brand in West Africa. Its formulation has been constantly improved for optimum action on all insects.

Rambo Magic Aerosol

An innovative insecticide aerosol. Its unique formulation provides a long lasting residual effect of at least 8 hours of protection against all crawling and flying insects. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with pleasant perfume.

Rambo Pro Aerosol

Gongon Aerosol

It has three in one benefit of fast knockdown, instant kill, and long lasting residual effect. Gongon aerosol sprays are available in 150ml, 300ml, and 500ml. Gongon is very effective against both crawling and flying insects, it has a very pleasing lemon fragrance.

Rambo Green Aerosol

Is a top of the range insecticide, ideal against all flying and crawling insects with long residual effect. Its perfume is unique.

Topgon Insecticides

TOPGON is a new generation of insecticides, specially formulated to eradicate insects that have developed resistance to the old generation of insecticides. Its highly concentrated formulation including Transfluthrin, makes it very effective against crawling and flying insects.

Zappo Aerosol

Zappo Aerosol is a new generation of insecticide, specially formulated to eradicate insects that have developed a resistance to the old generation of insecticides. It is water based and non-irritant.

Rambo Insecticide Spray

Rambo Insecticide Spray is a new cost effective, non-irritant water based insecticide that is highly efficient in killing both flying and crawling insects.

Gongon Liquid

Rambo Green Liquid

Rambo Liquid

Zappo Liquid Spray

For bed net treatments, directly spray on the net. No need to dilute before use like any other bed net treatment products, as it is already diluted in water. Direct application on fabric (mattresses, curtains, carpets, sofas, doors, windows, walls, floors, etc.) Zappo protects the rooms against crawling insects. Residual effect: 2- 3 months.

Rambo Magic Paper

Rambo Magic Paper is an innovative concept, affordable, and very effective against mosquitoes for indoor use.

Kik-off Lotion Insect Repellent

Kik-off Pomade Insect Repellent

KIK-OFF Pomade is a newly developed formula, protects you from insect bites. Apply evenly on exposed part of the body to repel mosquitoes, houseflies, and other insects leaving a pleasant smell.

Mosquito Coils

Baoma Mosquito coil

Confuking Mosquito coil

Delta Power Mosquito coil

Fitti Mosquito coil

Goldeer Mosquito coil

Green Arrow Mosquito coil

Rambo Mosquito coil

Wavetide Mosquito coil

Wellnite Mosquito coil

Zeecock Mosquito coil